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【TAKAHASHI SHOTEN】Liquid yuzu pepper "Yuzusuko" - ゆずすこ - 75g

Best Before: May/29/2023

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The hottest seasoning in Japan
Yuzusuko = a new kind of "liquid Yuzu Kosho
In a nutshell, Yuzusuko is "Yuzu Kosho in liquid form. Like Tabasco, it can be sprinkled on food quickly and easily. It adds a nice accent to dishes, and many people become addicted to it once they taste it.

Yuzusuko is made by blending yuzu peel, vinegar, and pepper (or chili pepper in Kyushu) in a perfect balance. It is less salty than regular yuzu kosho, and the flavor of the yuzu is the main ingredient. It has a tangy and spicy taste with a hint of sourness from the vinegar.

Yuzusuko is a seasoning that is easy to use, as mentioned earlier. It goes well with any dish, and its unique flavor makes it even more delicious.