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【UMINOSEI】Pickled Radish "Moromi" -もろみ漬だいこん(国産有機) - 180g

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The sweetness of dried radish and the umami of moromi!

Daikon radish grown organically by a contract farmer from Miyazaki prefecture is soaked in moromi made with "squeezed soy sauce (organic)" and "brown rice miso (organic)". The radish is dried in the sun to bring out the sweetness and umami of the radish itself.

It is chewy , and the rich flavor of dried radish, which is the natural sweetness and taste of dried radish, combined with the taste and sweetness of sea salt soy sauce and miso, is appetizing. No sugar or yeast extract is used.

It can be widely used as a cooking ingredient such as rice and sushi.

Organic radish (Miyazaki Prefecture), pickled raw materials [organic soy sauce, organic rice miso, salt] (some include soybeans and wheat)