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【MORIKA】Millet ”Black Glutinous Rice (Ancient Rice)" -黒もち米(古代米)-

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100% black glutinous rice from Japan.

The skin of black rice has been milled off a little, making it easier to bring out the color and softness when cooked. (It has the same condition and meaning as 10% of milled rice.)

The purple pigment on the seed coat is an anthocyanin pigment (a kind of polyphenol).
It has a sweet scent, and the more you chew it, the more the fragrance spreads, and you can enjoy a moderate elasticity and a chewy texture.
It is also called "purple rice (purple black rice)" because the rice turns purple when it is milled at 50%.

If you mix 10% of white rice and cook rice, you can easily cook red purple rice. Even if it gets cold, the taste remains the same and the color is beautiful, so it is ideal for rice balls and lunch boxes.
(10% is a guideline for introduction. Please eat as you like.)

■ Raw materials
Black glutinous rice

■ Origin
Niigata prefecture/Nara prefecture

■ History
It is one of the ancient rice that inherits the characteristics of wild rice. It is also said to be the origin of ohagi. In China, it became a rice offering to the court as an auspicious successor rice, and it is said that "Yang gui-fei" was also used as a beauty food.