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Nagano Shirake mochi Organic-無農薬 長野 白毛もち- 2021 Crop

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The secret of the taste of white glutinous rice is “ancient rice”.

A brand that is hard to find even in Japan, produced naturally at the rice factory's own farm.

Production area: Ina City, Nagano, Japan
Producer: the rice farm ( Wakka Agri )

Ina is the best grown rice place in Nagano Prefecture.
There was a phantom sticky rice that was inherited only in that area and was almost extinct.
This glutinous rice is exquisite, but it takes time to cultivate and the yield is low. Therefore, there has been no successor in recent years.
However, the farmers in Kamiina cooperated with each other, saying, "This taste must not be extinguished."


Pesticides: No used
Fertilizer: No used
Protein content: 6.9% or less
Grain size: 1.80 mm or larger