Japanese Salt Plums -国産特別栽培南高梅 梅干しそ漬-

Best Before: May/23/2022

Fatigue recovery! Appetite enhancement! Blood smooth! Lifestyle improvement! Beautiful skin! Aging Care!

Ume from Minami Takaume, a specially cultivated in Japan.
Salt of natural umami carefully boiled down in a flat pot, and pickled in domestic shiso.
Salt concentration is about 16.5 ~ 18.5%.
It is a salt-mellow, non-additive (uses no chemical seasonings, sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives).
The size is a mixture of large grains (about 15g ~) and medium grains (about 7 ~ 14g).
When eating 100g of beef, to neutralize the acidity in the body, for example, cucumbers require about 900g (about 9), but only 5g (about 1/2 to 1) ) of ume is enough, so it is more efficient than eating a lot of vegetables.