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【Narumiya】Rice crackers "Japanese pepper" - 山椒 - 50g

Best Before: Dec/05/2023

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Sourced from a long-established store in Kyoto that specializes in rice crackers for 100 years, this crispy textured and baked arare is seasoned with an original blend of soy sauce and sprinkled with Japanese pepper. The fresh stimulation and aroma you experience when enjoying this arare comes from sansho (Japanese pepper) and is addictive!

The numbing stimulus and aroma of the sansho, as well as the richness of the soy sauce are blended with a secret recipe to enhance the flavor, which makes this snack a perfect pairing with sake.

Glutinous rice, tamari soy sauce, starch syrup, processed starch, sansho (Japanese pepper), kombu extract, dried bonito extract