【MUROJI】Natural brewed soy sauce powder 天然醸造醤油パウダー 20g

Best Before: Apr/18/2028

Natural brewed soy sauce, a traditional soy sauce for 400 years, is now powdered for super low salt and five times the flavor!
The traditional round soy sauce that has been made since the Edo period has now been made into a powdered soy sauce.
Just by sprinkling it on your food, instead of soy sauce, salt or pepper, or dressing, you can get an unexpected taste. It is also useful as a secret ingredient in cooking and as a seasoning for dashi.

Use it in place of soy sauce for sushi, sashimi, and tofu!
For fried eggs, tempura, fried chicken, and grilled chicken!
Use as a dressing for salads!
Great with ice cream and other sweets!
Great for lunch boxes, travel, and BBQ!

Many people, especially those who don't like fish or are vegetarians, have been asking for a low-sodium soy sauce powder "Golden Salt" in a round soy sauce version. It took us a while to commercialize it, but we succeeded in maximizing the flavor without relying on food additives or sodium.

Umami and richness are the flavors that each amino acid possesses. Naturally brewed soy sauce, a traditional seasoning that has been used since the Edo period, is a mass of amino acids produced by the fermentation of soybean and wheat proteins by koji and kobo bacteria.

Muroji's naturally brewed soy sauce is made from round soybeans, wheat, salt, rice, and water from Fukui Prefecture, and is left to ferment and mature naturally for one year without the use of food additives.

Muroji's soy sauce is naturally brewed and matured for one year without using any food additives. The powdered version of Muroji's soy sauce has five times the flavor and less than one-hundredth the salt intake. It is light and easy to carry around without worrying about spilling. Just a few sprinkles of this product anytime, anywhere will bring out the flavor, umami, and richness of ingredients. Can be stored for a long time at room temperature. One bottle can be used about 200 times.


Ingredients: naturally brewed soy sauce (contains soybeans and wheat, manufactured in Japan) Tapioca (used as dextrin to make the powder form)
※Soybeans and wheat are broken down by fermentation.

Storage method: Store at room temperature.
     The product is highly hygroscopic, so please keep the lid tightly closed to avoid moisture.(It may harden due to moisture absorption, but there is no quality problem.

Nutritional information (per 20g bottle)
Energy: 55.4 kcal Protein: 3.4 g Fat: 0.0 g Carbohydrate: 10.3 g Salt equivalent: 5.0 g

◎The amount of salt released with each sprinkle is about 0.1 g. Each bottle contains 20 g, so it can be used about 200 times.
◎The amount of salt equivalent per sprinkle is about 0.03g. 5g per 20g bottle is less than a bowl of ramen.


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