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【TATSUMI】Naturally brewed round soy sauce, light taste - 巽(たつみ)天然醸造丸大豆醤油 淡口 - 300ml

Best Before: Sep/06/2024

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This is a naturally brewed soy sauce made from various flavors that have been fermented and matured for about a year.

Light soy sauce is usually light in color and has an image of being salty, but Kajita Shoten's Tatsumi "light" soy sauce is made with the flavor of Tatsumi "dark" soy sauce but with a lighter color.
Although it is a light soy sauce, you can taste the flavor of the soy sauce in a refreshing way. It is ideal for use in kakes, simmered dishes, grilled dishes, and soups to enhance the flavor of the ingredients.

This is a pure soy sauce with no added preservatives or additives. 100% of the soybeans and wheat used are from Ehime Prefecture.
The salt is 100% from Naruto in Tokushima.

* Since it is additive-free and ingredient-free according to the traditional manufacturing method, please store it in the refrigerator after opening and use it as soon as possible.