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【OGAWA】Barley tea"Tsubumaru" - 小川の麦茶つぶまる 13g x 20p


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No peculiarities and a refreshing aftertaste! Elegant barley tea to sip on a hot day!

■Using domestically produced Rokujo barley
We use Japanese Rokujo barley. By roasting the barley twice in a stone pot, it is slowly cooked to the inside, resulting in a richly flavored barley tea. By not crushing the grains, it has a clear and transparent color.

■Tips for using in baby food
It is an ingredient that can be used from the gobbling stage.
It does not contain caffeine, so it is good for rehydration. It is best to dilute boiled water for adults with cooled water. If possible, make a fresh potion every day.

■How to drink
Boil the tea in a kettle for 5-6 minutes and let it cool for 30 minutes to 1 hour while keeping the packet in the kettle. Cool for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then refrigerate until ready to drink.



Rokujo barley