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【DOSENBO】Organic Hojicha - 有機ほうじ茶 - 120g

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Best Before: Mar/01/2023

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Fragrance and taste go hand in hand with Dosenbo's Organic Hojicha. Roasted with leftover harvest of organically grown first tea leaves using far infared rays, quality, taste, and aroma are enhanced. Enjoy a refreshing aftertaste after a meal or enjoy with friends and family while you snack on some treats! Whether enjoyed with savory or sweet food items, this tea will always enhance your experience.

To enjoy this JAS certified organic tea:

1. Use a teapot
- Add two tablespoons of hojicha into the teapot and pour the hot water over the hojicha
- It will be ready to serve after a minute of steeping.

2. Use a kettle
- Place hojicha and pour water into a kettle together (3 tablespoons of hojicha for every 2 liters is a good rule of thumb)
-When the water comes to a boil, turn off the heat and pour tea into a tea cup.

*Enjoy this tea cold in the summer or hot in the winter!