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【YAMATOWA】Paper-thin sheet of wood - 信州経木 Shiki - Short 20 sheet


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Kyogi is a traditional packaging material that has been used for a long time in Japan.
Until plastic and wrap became mainstream as they are now, everything was wrapped in Kyogi.
Kyogi is made by cutting down trees, shaving them thinly, and drying them.

It has a "humidity control" effect that maintains an appropriate humidity, and has excellent breathability and antibacterial properties, suppresses spoilage, and keeps ingredients fresh.
The faint scent of wood and the beauty of the grain are the warmth of nature.

The only raw material is Japanese red pine
The raw material for Kyogi is Japanese red pine in Ina Valley. that's all.
Japanese red pine also has various characteristics suitable for warp trees, such as antibacterial action, moderate fragrance, and internode spacing.

How to use Kyogi

Spread and use
Since Kyogi absorbs oil and water, it is very convenient to lay it under fried food or grilled fish, or lay it on a cutting board to cut meat or fish so that the drip does not stick to the cutting board.

Wrap and use
If you wrap the rice balls in Kyogi, which has a humidity control effect that keeps the humidity at an appropriate level, you can enjoy very delicious rice. It is also nice that the seaweed onigiri is not sticky due to condensation.
When you finish eating, go to the burning garbage. At the camp, just go into the bonfire.
Even if you drop it in the forest, it will return to the soil.

Used for decoration
Each piece has a different grain. Spread one sheet on the plate and serve. Color your daily dining table. Not only for everyday use, but also for special occasions.

Used for storage
We recommend meat and fish. Kyogi has an antibacterial effect and excellent breathability. By wrapping and storing it, it is possible to suppress the growth of bacteria, absorb the drip moderately, prevent deterioration, and maintain the taste and freshness.
Not only refrigeration but also freezing is OK. When freezing bread, wrap it in Kyogi and freeze it to prevent it from drying out and keep the bread delicious. Of course, for other ingredients such as vegetables.


24 cm x 15 cm
Thickness: Approximately 0.18 mm
Red pine
It is a natural material that does not use any drugs or additives in the production process.
<Storage method>
Store in a well-ventilated place away from high humidity and direct sunlight.
<In use>
The material is easily torn vertically along the fibers of the wood. You can use it as it is even if it is torn.
Since natural wood is sliced thinly, there are individual differences in color and grain.
Due to the characteristics of wood, it may discolor due to natural deformation (warping or twisting), cracking or chipping, or over time.