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【TEBIYAMAYA】Powdered dashi - 粉だし - 50g

Best Before: Nov/14/2022

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Ingredients: bonito flakes, Rishiri kelp, shiitake mushrooms

Powdered thinly shaved dried bonito with the flavor of kombu and shiitake mushrooms to create a natural flavorful dashi.
Use it as you would bonito flakes or furikake.

"It is completely additive-free and salt-free, with a focus on "deliciousness.
No chemical seasonings, protein hydrolysis products, yeast extracts, or preservatives are used.

"All-purpose deliciousness" powdered soup stock

Just one spoonful is enough for all kinds of cooking.
Just one spoonful of this all-purpose powdered soup stock will add richness and flavor to your dishes.