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【SOKEN】Raw Sugar -喜界島粗糖- 500g


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Kikai island, one of the Amami archipelago, is a beautiful island made of raised coral reefs, which is rare in Japan.
The sugar cane cultivated there is characterized by its rich and mellow sweetness.
It is used 100% sugar cane from Kikai island, Kagoshima prefecture, and finished it with a manufacturing method that makes the best use of the flavor at the sugar factory on the island.

Raw sugar has nutrition similar to that of sugar cane before it is purified, and it also contains iron, potassium, calcium, and B vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, and B6.
You can take in more natural nutrition into your body.
The deep richness and mellow flavor bring out the goodness of the ingredients, so it is recommended for various dishes.
In particular, raw sugar has an anti-collapse effect, so it is ideal for making simmered dishes that easily crumble.