Rectangular Frying Pan - 燕人の匠 桜吟 窒化加工玉子焼 -

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【Nitriding series of "strong iron" that is resistant to rust, Tsubame's master】

What is nitriding? Nitriding is a surface treatment that has been used to prevent rusting of aircraft and automobile parts.
Nitriding diffuses nitrogen into iron molecules, strengthening the interior and preventing rust from forming on the surface due to the oxide film formed. This process is also applied to cookware, and by hardening the surface of iron with nitrogen, iron pots with high corrosion and wear resistance are realized.

〇Size: (Large) 14.7 x 36 x 11.5 cm, height 3.5 cm
   (Small) 9.7 x 32.5 x 10.5 cm, height 3 cm
〇Material: Body/iron (nitriding treatment), Handle/natural wood (beechwood, urethane clear coating)
〇Country of origin: Niigata in Japan
〇Compatible heat sources: 100V/200V induction cooker, sheath heater, halogen heater, enchro heater, radiant heater, gas