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【PLUS】Rice Pasta -米粉パスタ- Fettucine

Best Before: Nov/29/2023

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A lot of people who are addicted to the chewy texture ♪ Pasta made of rice flour

It is a safe, secure and reliable rice flour pasta as one company handles everything from rice production to pasta production.
It is cultivated and manufactured in the world agricultural heritage certified area (Keiryu Nagara River upper middle basin).
27 items of allergy specific ingredients are not used.
We use rice flour and a thickener (alginate) as raw materials. Alginate is extracted from seaweed such as natural kelp and wakame seaweed.
You can use it the same way you use your pasta.
The sauce is easier to entangle than ordinary pasta, and it has a chewy texture.
Cold pasta is even more delicious.
Of course it is gluten free.