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【HATTORI JOZO】Salted Rice Malt (Preparations for Making) -塩麹の素-

Best Before: Aug/25/2023

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Salted rice malt. Put 250cc of water, This will be 600g of golden all-purpose seasoning full of umami after 7-10 days!

As it is zip-up, it can be used according to the amount you want to use, and is convenient for storage.
The resulting salt koji is a versatile seasoning that enhances the taste of the ingredients, so it can be pickled, dipped, painted, or used in various ways!
Example: Let the chicken knead with salt koji, soak overnight, put in a baking dish, wrap, heat in a 600W range for 3 minutes, turn it over, then steam again for 3 minutes, then steam for 3 minutes.
Completion of moist and soft steamed chicken! Even as it is, you can also arrange various Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes.