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【IKEDA-YA】Shaved bonito eaten like prosciutto - 食べる削り節かつお - 70g

Best Before: Mar/31/2023

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More than 90% of the respondents to the tasting survey said, "Delicious! in the tasting survey!
The texture is like cured ham! This shaved bonito can be eaten as is, as a snack or as a pick-me-up.

Carefully selected bonito is marinated in a special sauce, and then cultivated and dried to make a medium-thick shave.
With no chemical seasonings added, this product is very popular among children and adults alike. Slightly Japanese-style soy sauce flavor.
It is perfect as a snack for beer, sake, or even wine with cheese. It also goes well with rice, mayonnaise, salads, fried rice, and other dishes. Enjoy the moist and soft new texture.