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【SOKEN】Sushi vinegar - 越前小京都のすし酢 - 360ml

Best Before: Jul/21/2023

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Pure rice vinegar carefully fermented and aged by the traditional static fermentation method, domestically produced crude sugar, sea salt, and kelp soup stock to create a mellow, fragrant and gorgeous vinegar.

■Expiration period 360 days from the date of manufacture

■Features / Selling points
○ Pure rice vinegar that has been carefully fermented and aged by carefully selected domestic rice in the famous water village, Echizen Kokyo, and Ono, Fukui prefecture, using the traditional static fermentation method. The rich flavor is made with crude sugar from Kikaijima, Kagoshima prefecture, sea salt from Tsushima, Nagasaki prefecture, and kelp soup made from domestic kelp. No chemical seasonings, animal ingredients or extracts are used.
○ As well as making sushi, it is finished in a mellow taste, so it enhances the deliciousness of the material. You can easily make vinegared foods by sprinkling them as they are, handmade dressings by adding soy sauce, sesame seeds, vegetable oils, etc., and vinegared miso by mixing with miso.

■Raw materials
Rice vinegar (rice (made in Japan)), sugar, salt, kelp

■Storage method

Store in a dark place at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.
〇 Please keep in the refrigerator after opening.
〇 There may be turbidity and precipitates derived from the raw materials, but there is no problem with the quality.
〇 Domestic kelp is used for kelp soup.

■[How to make vinegared rice]
Mix 30-35 ml per 1 go of rice with cooked rice as it is. * Please adjust the amount according to your preference.
It can be used not only for making sushi but also for various dishes.
Sprinkle it as it is and add vinegar, soy sauce, sesame seeds, vegetable oil, etc. to make a handmade dressing.

■Packaging material
Cap: PE, Bin: Glass, Label: Paper

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