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【KANOO】Sweet Soy Sauce - 糀しょうゆ 米こうじ追仕込 - 300ml

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Rare additive-free sweet soy sauce

This sweet soy sauce, which has been completed after about 5 years of research and trial production, is
Prepared with whole soybeans from Fukuoka prefecture and wheat from Fukuoka prefecture,
Add rice jiuqu made from rice to the aged moromi,
A gem that brings out the natural sweetness by further aging.
Normal sweet soy sauce remains salty even after aging for 2 to 3 years.
It is often sweetened with seasonings such as mirin,
This sweet soy sauce is sweetened without adding any sweeteners or seasonings.

Especially if you eat it over tofu, egg dishes, sashimi, natto, sushi, etc., you can enjoy its deliciousness!