Cook-with-Rice Seasoning "Octopus" -炊き込みご飯の素 瀬戸内蛸めし-

Best Before: Nov/27/2021

Octopus rice mix

Along with sea bream rice, octopus rice is one of the local dishes of Ehime prefecture.
The octopus from the Seto Inland Sea was made into a small bite size that was easy to eat and boiled with a simple sauce. The octopus soup is also delicious, so you can easily cook it at home by simply cooking it with a rice cooker together with the ingredients. It is even more delicious if you add chopped large leaves, green onions, and chopped seaweed as you like.
Enjoy rice with the delicious taste and texture of octopus.

[Ingredients] Stewed octopus (octopus (from Seto Inland Sea), sake, soy sauce, sugar, ginger), sauce [soy sauce/mirin/sugar/salt/plant oil], Matsuyama fried, dried carrot, kelp, (part of the ingredients) Contains wheat and soybeans)
[Contents] 185g (boiled octopus, sauce, Matsuyama fried, carrot, kelp)
[Preservation method] Store in a cool and dark place avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity (normal temperature storage)

For 2cups rice × 1pc