【TOKITA SEEDS】Kansai Mitsuba seeds - 関西三つ葉の種 - (250 seeds)


40-50 days from sowing

Kansai Mitsuba is grown for its verdant, aromatic leaves and stems. This Japanese herb is
very easy to grow and can thrive in a windowsill. Mitsuba, meaning "three leaves", is a plant
that is native to Japan and can be grown in the shade. 

Growing Information

  ● Suitable temperature for germination: around 70℉
  ● Suitable temperature for growing: 50-70℉
  ● Soil pH: 6.5-7.5
  ● Days to maturity: 40-50 days from sowing


  ● Soil cultivation: soak seeds in water overnight to encourage germination. Sow at 1/2" spacing and 1/4" deep. Gently cover with a thin layer of soil.
  ● Water cultivation: sow on a sponge soaked with water and liquid fertilizer. Maintain water carefully; allowing it to dry out will prevent germination.
  ● Place in direct sunlight.


  ● Once established, thin to 1" spacing.
  ● Three weeks after sowing, thin to 2-2.5" spacing.
  ● For outdoor production: After second thinning (4-5 true leaves established), add
fertilizer and cultivate the soil every two weeks.


  • Harvest at 6-8" length, leave 2" from the roots. Adding fertilizer can encourage
    growth for extended harvest.

              Cooking Information

              Mitsuba is commonly used in dishes such as Ohitashi (boiled vegetables eaten with soy
              sauce or ponzu and katsuobushi) and Osuimono (dashi-based clear soup). Try using it in
              other soups or boiled dishes.
              This herb can also be used raw as a garnish or in salads.



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