【TOKITA SEEDS】Zuccuri Kabocha 7 seeds - ズックリカボチャ"7"の種 - (25 seeds)


110 days from sowing

Zuccuri 7: Cure for 14 days, store for 2-3 months

Zuccuri 9: Cure for 30 days, store for 4+ months

Zuccurì kabocha evokes the texture of kuri (chestnuts) with a bite that crumbles, then melts.

We offer two varieties for extended harvest, storage and use.  This versatile squash is packed with flavor and nutrition, from its vibrant orange interior to its edible dark green skin. 


Growing Information

  • Suitable temperature for germination: 75-85℉
  • Suitable temperature for growing: around 70℉
  • Soil pH: 6.0-7.5
  • Days to maturity: 110 days


  • Direct sowing: sow 1-2 seeds 1/2" deep with 18" between plants (in rows) and 36" between rows. Cover and tamp down soil gently.
  • Transplanting: sow 1-2 seeds per cell, 1/2" deep into a 50- or 72- cell tray. Once established, thin to one plant per cell.
  • Maintain moisture through germination without overwatering (do not soak).
  • Keep 75-85℉ to encourage the germination.


  • Check for readiness 21-24 days after germination by gently pulling on the base of the stem to see if the soil block stays together.
  • Transplant to 18" spacing, with 40" between rows.


  • Cultivate soil to prevent weed competition and sitting water, which can harbor mildew.
  • Use of light row cover can maintain heat and prevent pest damage. Remove at flowering.
  • Remove early fruits if leaf size is less than 12".


  • Harvest when stems turn from green to woody by cutting the fruit stem away from the vine.
  • Cure for ripeness by leaving fruits in a protected area away from sunlight. Curing time: Zuccuri 7: 14 days, Zuccuri9: 30 days

            Cooking Information

            Enjoy Zuccuri simmered, sautéed, dipped in tempura batter and fried, or roasted for a saccharine, melt-in-your-mouth sensory experience. This sweet kabocha squash pairs well with warming spices like nutmeg, clove and sage, as well as pears, cilantro, spinach, and parsley.

            Zuccuri holds its form well when cooked and can be added in cubes to soups, stews, curries and casseroles. For a very simple and fast preparation, try microwaving one-fourth of the Zuccuri (500g approx.) for six minutes.


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