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【UMINOSEI】 Sea Salt -海の精あらしお- 500g


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Japanese traditional sea salt from Izu Oshima

100% pure seawater.
The reason why Japanese traditional sea salt is moist is that it contains a moderate amount of seawater-derived bitterness.
The taste is not only salty, but also has a slight sweetness, richness and sharpness. It has a complex taste derived from seawater and tastes nostalgic. When used in cooking, it brings out the sweetness and umami of the ingredients.

Perfect for simple savory dishes.
Musubi, salted fir / salad, salted soup / soup, steamed with salt, boiled with salt, stir-fried with salt, pickled with salt, and also with sake.
If you add a pinch when cooking rice, the deliciousness of the rice will stand out.