[RECIPE] Temari Sushi

Temari Sushi is a ball of sushi rice decorated with colorful toppings. “Temari” in Japanese literally means “hand ball” and it is a traditional Japanese embroidered ball. This dish is often eaten on Girl’s day, a Japanese cultural event, but also served at parties to enjoy the pre sentation and the deliciousness. (Served in Hakusan Bowl Large)



Serving: 25-30 pieces
Time: 90 minutes



  • Smoked Salmon
  • Egg + Kizami Nori Seaweed 
  • Red Radish + Ikura 
  • Cucumber + Sesame Seeds (Morika Sesame Seeds) 
  • Roast Beef + Lime



      1. Cook the rice by rinsing the rice and adding water. Cook it in a rice cooker or pot.
      2. Combine rice vinegar, sugar, and a sprinkle of salt to mix well.
      3. Once the rice is cooked, combine the vinegar mixture into the rice, and quickly mix.
      4. Prepare the decorations:  
        1. Make thin egg crepes by heating a pan, dropping a scoop of beaten egg, then thinly cut.
        2. Thinly slice red radish, and soak it in salted water.
        3. Slice cucumber thinly into about 3 inch long pieces.
        4. Tear smoked salmon and roast beef into bite sizes.
        5. Cut lime into small triangle shapes.
      5. Place a sheet of plastic wrap (approximately 6x6 inches) on a table, place the decoration ingredient in the center. Ensure to place the presentable side of the ingredient facing up after removing the wrap. 
      6. Place a table spoon of cooked rice on top of the ingredients. 
      7. Wrap the rice and ingredients by picking up one side of the wrap and the diagonal side, then the rest of the edges. Hold the closest part of the rice tightly and twist while holding the rice. Ensure the presentable side appears outside. 
      8. Add the katsu into the sauce mixture. 
      9. Beat the eggs, pour it into the pan, adjust the heat to low, cook the egg about one minute with a lid on. 
      10. Put the cooked rice in a bowl, add the Katsu with egg sauce onto the rice, garnish with chopped scallion.  

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      RECIPE by Azusa