Nagano Kamiakari Natural farming "Only Brown" -自然栽培 長野 カミアカリ 玄米のみ- 2023 Crop


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A brand that is hard to find even in Japan, produced naturally at the rice factory's own farm.

Production area: Ina City, Nagano, Japan
Producer: the rice farm ( Wakka Agri )

This Japonic(traditionally farmed)rice is a relative of the Koshihikari variety and was discovered due to its giant germ.
It is a special rice with 3 to 4 times as much germ as normal brown rice.
Upon first bite, it is impressive that the giant germ (which is the characteristic of Kamiakari) explodes in the mouth.
Sweetness appears first, followed by the familiar savory rice flavor which continues until the aftertaste, which remains umami.


Pesticides: No used
Fertilizer: No used
Protein content: 6.9% or less
Grain size: 1.80 mm or larger

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