rice factory NY
rice factory NY

Why the rice factory NY's rice?

World's Best Japanese Rice in Its Finest State!

Normally, rice is harvested, polished, packed, and exported. However, the quality and taste of rice decline over time after polishing.

"Rice is a perishable food."

At the rice factory, we export precious rice in its brown rice form using low-temperature containers that preserve the optimal environment. We also store the rice in similar low-temperature warehouses at arrival. Then, according to the delivery date, we polish the rice at our own milling facility for each order and deliver it to our customers in the freshest and highest quality condition.

What types of rice are available?

From well-known types to types gaining popularity!

We have a variety of rice, including representative varieties such as Niigata's Koshihikari and Akita Komachi. In addition, we offer Hokkaido's Yume Pirika and Nanatsuboshi, which have been gaining popularity within Japan, as well as Yamagata's Tsuyahime and Toyama and Minamiuonuma's Koshihikari, which are famous regional rice varieties.

Does we supply to restaurants?

You can eat and enjoy the rice factory's rice at popular restaurants!

We wholesale to various restaurants and markets across the country, so it's possible that the rice served in restaurants you love is from the rice factory.

*We feature our wholesale clients on our blog, take a look!

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What is the rice factory?

"We want to deliver truly delicious rice to overseas markets."

the rice factory, born from the founder's passionate desire, is a specialist rice company based in Hokkaido, Japan, with branches in NY, Honolulu, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Wakka Japan Co., Ltd.

Representative Director: Tomohiro Deguchi

Representative Director: Tomohiro Deguchi

In 2009, as the first specialty store for Japanese rice overseas, we made our debut in Hong Kong. The motivation behind it was simple: "We wanted to eat rice overseas that we truly find delicious." At that time, there was a lack of Japanese rice in Hong Kong that satisfied in both freshness and taste, and rice varieties produced in other countries dominated the market. Japanese rice is the culmination of unwavering efforts by farmers, a testament to their agricultural expertise.

To directly source safe and delicious Japanese rice that we could be satisfied with, we traveled across the country, visiting various production areas and meeting with farmers, conducting repeated taste tests. Initially, we received many voices saying, "It won't be accepted in a foreign country where cheap foreign rice is prevalent," or "Isn't it an audacious challenge?" However, amidst such opinions, we were fortunate to meet dedicated producers and partners who shared our strong belief in promoting the excellence of "Made in Japan" rice worldwide, such as Mr. Sakano from Rankoshi, Hokkaido, and Mr. Takizawa from Yaehara, Nagano. They worked in environments blessed with clean water, air, and soil, and approached rice cultivation with passion. With their support and encouragement, we have been able to select only the highest quality rice that we consider as the best.

Wakka Group

Wakka Singapore / Wakka Taiwan / Wakka USA

the rice factory NY

From the desire to have people all around the world enjoy fresh and delicious Japanese rice, following our establishment in Hong Kong, we have expanded our services to Singapore, Taiwan, Hawaii, New York, and Vietnam, receiving positive feedback. We not only sell rice but also have "Rice Sommeliers" on our team. They share their knowledge about rice, the production process, cooking methods, recipes, and the cultural background behind Japanese rice through various local media, schools, and events, introducing Japanese rice and food culture to people overseas. Our goal is to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of Japanese rice and food culture. As "Ambassadors of Japanese Rice," we actively engage in various activities to ensure that it is cherished by all.

As ambassadors of Japanese rice, we will continue to strive and make efforts to spread fresh and delicious Japanese rice worldwide.